Envelope addressed to Helen Asquith from Edward Horner 1914

14th August 2016

As we do the final selection of letters to include in the Home of our Delight exhibition, a glimpse of two fascinating letters held in the Horner / Asquith archives, with transcriptions and comments from Frome College History Club members Emily and Beth. If you can help Beth with the illegible word, please get in touch!

Thank you to Julie Goodall who got in touch and deciphered the illegible word in Edward’s letter to Helen!

Second puzzle – who is Nathan??


Darling Father,

Thank you awfully for that lovely pen-knife. I won’t put Perdita’s eyes out because I am only allowed to have it sometimes. I had a lovely birthday cake and this is one of the leaves. Grannie and Grandpa gave me 10/= and I put it in the bank.

Do you like Nathan?

Lots of love


Perdita and Helen

I like this letter because it’s from a child. It’s sweet and funny. Darling Father seems quite formal and posh. I like how she has a pen knife also it is funny how she said I won’t put my sister’s eye out with it.

Emily Bennett Year 9 Frome College


Darling Helen

Thank you for your divine present and handwork. I shall be warm when McKenna’s cold huzzah! Thank you awfully my darling Hellibore and a bore is the last thing you are. You are a wit especially  in church. I never loved you so much as when you talked to me in St Pauls on Sunday and the only ugly thing in that beautiful place (the sermon) was drowned. God whom I love in spite of sermons bless you and some day when you are a tall and beautiful and excruciatingly amusing woman we will have fine times together though they will be in no way analogous, tell your daddy, to those enjoyed by Lord Byron. Give my love to Perdita and your nanny with lots for yourself.

from Edward

I like this letter because how Edward is saying how beautiful she looks in church, also how he doesn’t like the sermon, and how he is thankful for her handwork also how he comparing her to a Hellibore flower.

Bethany Levett Year 9 Frome College

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